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In this episode I’ll be talking about some of my personal experiences in navigating these uncertain times of 2020 and I’ll discuss a different take on these events that we’re experiencing in the macro environment and how you may also be experiencing big shifts in your micro environment.

By remembering that whilst we can’t control what happens to us in the macro environment, we can control our own way of being and our response to what happens, not only does this give us more of a sense of peace but also a sense of empowerment over our emotions and how we feel.

If you’d like to delve into this further and learn how you can gain a greater degree of understanding and regulation over your emotions, for a sense of inner stability, peace and calm, then reach out and book a free discovery call with me below. To feel how we want to feel is always an inside job!

Ep #54 – How to navigate these uncertain times w/ Claire Bradshaw


In this episode I talk about the juicy subject of limiting beliefs. I’ve had a bunch of people ask if I’d talk about this, so knowing that what’s ‘personal is universal’ I wanted to share with you too. Limiting beliefs are those tricky things that are deep within our subconscious mind. They’re connected to the […]

Ep #53 – How to get unstuck w/ Claire Bradshaw


In every moment, we have the choice whether we react or respond to a situation, event or to something that’s said. The way we respond and react can have a huge influence on each of us individually AND also on the people around us. We have a choice right now in these times of uncertainty, fear and change to decide, how do we want to show up?

In this episode I go solo to talk about how we can move through these times in a way that’s kind to ourselves and others, where we take action and move forward from a responsive, centred, open and calm place.

To access the yoga nidra meditation head here

Ep #52 – Take your power back w/ Claire Bradshaw


Arianna is a Reiki Master Practitioner, a Mentor to conscious creatives and business owners, and Founder of Rituals of Grace, a subtle aromatherapy company dedicated to serving individuals who want to foster the best in self care, self love, and self expression. Ari is also one of my soul sisters, we bonded over discussions about […]

Ep #51 – Expand your energy w/ Arianna Pienaar


This is a solo style podcast episode with me where I describe a step by step process to help you process your emotions for better health and wellbeing.

To fully process our emotions, is to feel what’s arising emotionally and allow it to naturally process and release through the body.

At this time in history where our bodies, minds and spirits have been tested in a way that they may never have been tested before, it’s even more important.

When we don’t process our emotions we can find ourselves in addictive behaviours, unhealthy repeated patterns and in the long term, we can become sick.

By processing our emotions, we give the body the opportunity to naturally process toxins and free ourselves from feelings of irritability & emotional projection, which gives us more clarity, a feeling of lightness and flow and more empowerment in our lives.

**Please note: We’ve all had different life experiences, lifestyles and levels of love and support in our lives. If you find that this is too intense for you, then do reach out to a professional therapist, or a coach who has been trained in working with emotions.

Ep #50 – How to process your emotions w/ Claire Bradshaw


This is such a juicy episode with the one and only Duncan Parviainen. Duncan has been teaching yoga since 2007, leading retreats, workshops and teacher trainings across the globe. He is an E-RYT500 Yoga Instructor originally from Toronto, now living in Melbourne. He teaches alignment-based vinyasa inspired by Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW […]

Ep #49 – Delving into the depths of yoga w/ Duncan Parviainen


Mmmmmm this is such a deep and nourishing episode with my lovely friend Christina . And this episode is highly relevant for the time that we’re living in right now. Christina is an honest, authentic human being and deeply shares from her heart and her personal experience and learnings. If you’re in Melbourne and you can get to her class (when studios open) then I highly recommend it!

Christina is a yoga teacher and movement facilitator. She has been moving, dancing, and practicing yoga for almost 20 years. As a teacher, she has facilitated experiences all over the world, including in Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and the United States. As a yoga teacher, she has studied with a large variety of yogis from various lineages, such as Anusara, Embodied Flow, and with Marysia Do.

Christina believes that movement can unlock opportunities for self integration and, therefore, better connection to the external world. She believes that the body holds the opportunity for awakening. For her, movement has been instrumental in recognizing and shifting patterns that have prevented her from having greater freedom in her life. Through yoga and movement, she hopes to give people the tools to choose how they wish to shape their lives.

She is an ERYT 500 yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance who has been teaching since 2011. With more than 4500 classroom hours, she currently leads teacher trainings and mentoring programs throughout the world. She is also an Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy through ISMETA and completing her certification in Biodynamic Craniosacral.

In this episode we cover:

  • How to listen to and work with difficult emotions as they arise
  • What resourcing is and why it’s important
  • The power of curiosity in healing
  • What dissociation is & how it represents in the body
  • Techniques and tools to work with to move stress out of the body

Christina also has a new 8 week online course

Growing with the Goddesses

This course includes shamanism, ritual, goddesses and connecting to purpose. It will explore how we fully embody ourselves and come into our power in the ritual space, so that we are able to step out into the world with that same clarity. The course begins on May 22nd, so get in quick!

To connect with Christina head to:

Ep #48 – This too belongs w/ Christina Gagnier


Wow, do I have a deep episode for you this week! This is one for all the ladies. Amanda and I delve into the importance of connecting more deeply with our womanhood ; our wombs, our cycles and the earth and how all of this connects to Chinese medicine and spirituality Amanda Waaldyk is the […]

Ep #47 – Womb wisdom w/ Amanda Waaldyk


In this episode I speak with Dr Sarah Jane who is a gentle Chiropractor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Energy Healer, Intuitive Guide and has an extensive interest in learning about world religions, philosophy, nature, art, self-improvement, spirituality and ultimately living in alignment with her true purpose.

Her goal is to empower you on your life’s journey, and to facilitate you to live a more fearless and courageous life. One with meaning and purpose, and to ultimately find your true north.

Sarah Jane embodies the teachings of the East and West after studying many healing disciplines for 10 years. She has a thirst for knowledge, an insatiable curiosity and a kind heart.

In this episode we cover:

  • The power of curiosity
  • What gentle chirpractory is and how it can assist in healing
  • Correlation between emotional and physical stressors
  • Importance of addressing root cause
  • Affect that trauma has on the body
  • The power of the psoas muscle & its relationship to stress

To connect with Dr Sarah Jane head to:

To access the self nurturing tips that we speak about on the podcast, click below:

Ep #46 – Be gentle with yourself w/ Dr Sarah Jane


In this episode I speak with the lovely Emma Sothern, a freelance copywriter, part-time yoga/meditation teacher and a full-time alopecian (that’s a person who has alopecia, or hair loss). She set up a hair loss website, called Lady Alopecia in 2018 to support and empower those going through the condition. She’s originally from Ireland although […]

Ep #45 – From pain to purpose w/ Emma Sothern

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