Did you know that we have around 6000 thoughts per day? ​*​

And it’s said that the majority of them are the same thought on repeat…… ​​WHOAH!​​

But how many of those thoughts are you aware of?​

AND are the thoughts helping you or hindering you?​

Many years ago, the thoughts I had swirling on repeat in my head at work were; ​ ​​

❗️ I’m bored, I’m busy, I’m tired​

❗️ Surely there must be more to life than this?​

❗️ I want to make a difference, but I have no idea how​

❗️ How do I change my reality & enjoy my days, not just my weekends?

​​It wasn’t until I FINALLY got sick of listening to the record on repeat in my head that I began taking action and seeking another way​​

So I:​

🌱 started healthy habits ~ diet/movement​

🌱 morning practice of yoga and meditation​

🌱 created more space in my life​

🌱 found mentors, teachers who could guide me & challenge my thinking

​​And in time I began changing the way that I thought about the day to day ​​AND I began to align my life with what I cared about, what I was passionate about, what felt most meaningful​

So whether you’ve got a record on repeat in your head about disliking your work, wanting to change your career or feeling overwhelmed about the million and one things to do as you start your new business​

Know that you can change that ​​

You don’t have to stay stuck in the negative thought patterns​​

All it takes is the decision TO DO something about it. (Not just think about thinking about it)​​

And then take the action. Then the next action and then the next action​​

Simple to do. And simple not to do.​

But the long term outcome is massive


Claire x

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*According to findings from a study at Queen’s University in Canada, in 2020

How we talk to ourselves matters

Drop the hustle energy

If you, like me fell into the belief that you have to PUSH and ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ in life & work, then you’ll want to keep reading…. REAL TALK HERE Push energy – ​ constantly striving & hustling is a toxic belief system that we’ve been conditioned into. And it has us running around like […]

Dropping the push, the hustle & the striving


There are two energies within us and outside of us at all times.

  • Yin & Yang
  • Feminine & Masculine
  • Dark & Light
  • Fear & Love
  • Logic & Creativity
  • Movement & Stillness

This is something that been taught in many ancient traditions, however it is not something that our modern society has accommodated for or taught us……..

These energies, they exist in both men and women:

  • One is the masculine, yang in nature, action and doing focussed, connected to the sun & the season of summer
  • The other is the feminine, yin in nature, rest & being intuitive, connected to the moon & the season of winter

Neither is better or more important that the other. They are both needed to thrive as human beings.

When balanced, the masculine can be brilliant at helping us bring our dreams to actualisation, purpose oriented and help us to get out and moving in the day to day. There’s a sense of structure and support to this energy.

When balanced, the feminine has a grace and flow to her. She’s creative, intuitive and knows how to take really good care of herself. She feels nourished, rested & trusting

The challenge that we face in our society today is that the masculine, yang, doing, action taking energy has been over-emphasised…….to a place of becoming toxic.

It is literally making us sick mentally and physically

The masculine energy when out of balance and toxic can become hustling, pushy, dominating, divisive, separating and at times a destructive energy. It constantly wants more & to achieve more. It isn’t satiated.

And when it has power behind it, it can take from the earth, animals, or from other people for its own gain. It can become focussed on power and control in all its many forms.

And we can see this operating within ourselves at times of stress and we can see it reflected in our governments, corporations, institutions, how we are are treating the earth, animals, & each other.

There’s a few reasons for this:

  • We’ve over emphasised achievement, getting ahead, & results, to the detriment of our health
  • We’ve been over feeding the lacking/fearful part of self that wants more and is never satiated. The ego.
  • Through all the over-working & over-achieving we’re exhausted. Resulting in reactivity, addictions and a loud inner critic….
  • And so many of us have completely disconnected from the feminine aspect of self, from our body, from the present moment, creativity & intuition

And when this happens we can be so results focussed that it can lead to a productivity and achievement addiction at the cost of our health, of healthy relationships and our ultimate joy.

We can find it impossible to relax or have a sense of guilt to rest & take care of our own needs. And this in turn can lead to burnout…….

And in all of this ‘busyness’, we can leave no space for the deepest parts of self; our intuition, inspiration and creativity to be experienced.

In effect we can find ourselves becoming robotic and existing. Disconnected from our bodies, our hearts and deeper wisdom

However, there is an anditote to this way of living…..

And the way back is to nurture the feminine.

  • To start to unravel the stories that prevent you from connecting with these aspects of you.
  • To create space. To set boundaries. To connect in with your values & live from them. To journal. To dance. To sing. To connect to passion. To ‘be’ in your body
  • And then allow the masculine aspect of self – to receive this intuition, this joy and transmute it into your intentions, your purpose & your gift/s to the world

Slowly slowly together we are beginning to awaken from the spell.

From the conditioning that has us believe that we need to constantly push and strive to be worthy.

And to realise that to experience joy, passion and aliveness is our birthright

And that by leaning into these parts of ourselves, this is when we find the divine union, the wholeness, & the heaven on earth.

This is how we begin to elevate our energy on earth!

If you’ve loved this, then I’d love to know below what you’ll do to bring your feminine and masculine energies back into harmony.

Embrace your inner Yin and Yang for peace, presence & aliveness

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