"Becoming aware of things you hadn't even realised about yourself, your habits and your environment can help create big shifts in your thinking and help you to create and stick to new habits. Claire has really helped me to do that and moving forward I feel like I have the right tools to keep doing this on my own. Thank you Claire, I look forward to working with you again in the future."

TAMARA    |    Melbourne, Australia 

Signature Group & Private Coaching

Group & Private Coaching

"Claire is warm, approachable and nurturing. Claire really helped me to examine the barriers to achieving my goals and enabled me to come up with some quick wins and longer term strategies to overcome these challenges. I found her professional, knowledgeable and I appreciate her holistic approach."


"During the whole coaching program, Claire held space in a way that I could feel safe, loved, heard and seen, so I could talk openly and explore and be curious about the process. I felt like I was leading my journey and making decisions and new choices naturally. Her guidance and powerful knowledge during the coaching program helped me to bloom and gave me my power back."


"It was very evident in our coaching sessions that Claire is sincere in her desire to support others and that she loves what she’s doing. The kindness and compassion that she showed has inspired me to show the same to myself and to others. Claire’s coaching equipped me with life skills and tools to manage anxiety; and the confidence and knowing that I already have, inside me, all that I need to have a joyful, fulfilling and purposeful life."

cadelle    |    Melbourne, Australia 

"I’d come to a point in my life where, whilst I had a full and wonderful life, I felt like I was stagnant. I didn’t have any plans or goals for the future and I really didn’t seem to be able to work these out on my own. Working with Claire has been truly amazing. Claire has helped me achieve and realise things I never would have on my own. Having someone to talk to and discuss my hopes and dreams, my fears and anxieties and to help me work out what’s important to me has been liberating. It enabled me to take time for reflection on my own life, realise things about myself, my own situation and what I wanted to achieve for myself, I realise I’d never really put that much time into ‘me’ before."

Melissa    |    Melbourne, Australia 

'In this course I learned that most of the time I spend it living in my head, in the upper part of the body to be precise, but grounding and connecting with Mother Earth is a gift in itself. I’ve found that in the course I learned about how grounding can help bring balance and hope and more trust. I feel more of a deep connection to the world around me. I found the course to be well designed and delivered and the journal prompts to be super helpful when I don’t know what to write. Thanks Claire, you’re a great coach.'

Indhu   |   Melbourne, Australia

'I gained a deeper understanding of how connected our bodies are to our environment and how that is reflected through yoga/ breath.  This course by Claire, is a beautifully thought out program that helped me reconnect to myself and the environment around me. Through her teachings I found a deeper understanding of how we are connected to Nature and how that is reflected in our bodies. I highly recommend this course for those who want to take a journey of self discovery, all the while being supported by Claire. Her passion, enthusiasm and love for teaching is infectious.'

Venessa   |   Melbourne, Australia

'Thank you Claire for this course. I loved the weekly themes and the anticipation of discovering what was on offer each week. It was like unwrapping presents. I got a greater understanding that I'm still me inside, I just have to let me out! :-)  I also learned that I'm stronger physically and emotionally than I think... and that it's important to make time to nourish myself
I continue to ponder on the journal prompts, and regularly do Claire’s Yoga Nidra. As a result of this course, I'm now hatching a plan to incorporate at least one of your classes to my weekly routine and one of the other meditations (probably the Lake one to start). Thank you Claire.'

Lucy   |   Oxford, UK

Held online program

Other Testimonials

yoga/meds/self discovery

"I loved Claire's WHOLE Program! Each week I looked forward to a new topic and the information shared. The fortnightly group video catch ups were a delight as we were able to have that face to face time with Claire and also learn from each other. The depth of information covered and Claire's genuine empathy and passion for coaching made this course so worthwhile.  In particular I loved learning about the importance of a morning practice & putting this into practice. The power of journaling, and the positive effect of making time to connect to self and getting to know myself better. I also enjoyed doing personal development as a group!"

WHOLE online coaching program

Tara    |    Melbourne, Australia

"Claire’s Sacred Morning offering was wonderful, a group of likeminded people came together upon waking to start our mornings in a sacred way, beautifully guided + supported by Claire. We explored different Pranayama techniques + space for meditation. Looking forward to attending again, highly recommend this for kick starting a morning ritual. Thank you Claire."

Sammy    |    Melbourne, Australia

 Sacred Morning Practice Program

morning mediation/journaling guide

‘Thank you for your insightfulness, asking the right questions to get us thinking, to help us go within and explore our inner beings more. You are truly great at sharing this message’

‘The workshop was a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I learned more about myself in a safe space. Claire is very knowledgeable and has a calming and supportive presence giving you space to learn and express yourself. Highly recommended’

‘I enjoyed the format and I felt like the time flew by. I enjoyed Claire’s insights and personal story and then having the opportunity to share insights and stories in a safe environment. I had a beautiful experience to reflect, look within and start to discover my own authentic self’

‘Claire is lovely, kind, generous and knowledgeable and her workshop are always inspiring for those reasons’

 nourish you workshop

"We have had amazing feedback about Claire’s yoga class. Our colleagues said it was one of the best classes they have done, it was pitched at a really good level and the instructor was super lovely. We are just so happy that yoga is going to be a success! We really appreciate all your help and patience in getting this started for us."

corporate yoga

tailored group yoga classes

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