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This 5 day morning practice of breathwork (pranayama) and meditation will set you up for the day ahead. In just 30 mins you will feel more grounded and clear headed to tackle any challenge that comes your way......

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Balance the 'yang' with the 'yin'. This is a deeply soothing self care kit of gentle embodiment practices designed to nourish the body, mind & spirit from the inside out......


A 4 week journey into your inner nature via the elements of the natural world.  Your journey will involve a deep exploration of each element through yoga asana, meditation & self reflection. Designed to take you deeper within to create a more fulfilled & harmonious connection with self, in your relationships & the greater world around you....

Deeply embody the elements of nature, to reveal more of you

A 12 week self discovery journey to deepen your relationship with yourself. Create supportive habits & rituals, uncover your passions, create a miracle mindset, identify your core values & step closer to purpose. 

 This course will support you in uncovering, letting go & embodying your future self. through spiritual teachings of yoga philosophy & mindfulness along with proven coaching models so that you have greater clarity & direction

A transformational journey to step deeply into your power, passion & purposeful life

Nourish your mind body & spirit 


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This incredible book, ‘Caged no more’ is co-authored by myself & 15 amazing women sharing their stories of breaking free from societal constraints and reclaiming their power to inspire other women to do the same.


"It was very evident in our coaching sessions that Claire is sincere in her desire to support others and that she loves what she’s doing. The kindness and compassion that she showed has inspired me to show the same to myself and to others. Claire’s coaching equipped me with life skills and tools to manage anxiety; and the confidence and knowing that I already have, inside me, all that I need to have a joyful, fulfilling and purposeful life."

cadellE  |  Melbourne, Australia 

"Before coaching with Claire I had low confidence, a lot of shame and anger. I felt incredibly disempowered, uncertain and scattered. By challenging my thinking, limiting beliefs and choices in a gentle, non-threatening way Claire helped me to make different choices that served me better. Since our coaching sessions I now approach challenges with curiosity, enthusiasm and confidence. I can highly recommend Claire's coaching style, particularly for those who want to find balance, reclaim their power and find more meaningful success and fulfilment in their lives."

casey    |    melbourne, AUSTRALIA 

"Working with Claire has been a real journey of self love and self understanding. Our one to one calls were very discrete and so relaxed. I never felt uncomfortable. She helped me to love the person I am now, to see the beauty in me and in others.
Claire has been my first Life and Wellness Coach and I can't thank her enough for this amazing journey."

LUANA    |    melbourne, AUSTRALIA 

"Before I started coaching with Claire I was feeling flat due to personal loss of
family and trying to decide what path to take. My life was OK but too busy, I couldn’t say NO to peoples requests, and I was working extra hours. I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Claire because I feel like a new person, I am finally looking after me. Many of my friends have commented how I have changed throughout this journey with Claire - my appearance, my well-being, everything in fact!"

LYN    |    melbourne, AUSTRALIA 

"During the whole coaching program, Claire held space in a way that I could feel safe, loved, heard and seen, so I could talk openly and explore and be curious about the process. I felt like I was leading my journey and making decisions and new choices naturally. Her guidance and powerful knowledge during the coaching program helped me to bloom and gave me my power back."

Sandra    |    melbourne, AUSTRALIA 

"It has been a real pleasure to work with Claire the last 4 months. I have learned, uncovered, changed and achieved goals, all with Claire's guidance. Claire keeps you accountable and opens up your eyes to what's right in front of you. Things you may not necessarily be able to see for yourself. She is able to really dive deep into what the issues are, and relate to everything that you are saying, so you feel truly heard."

TAMARA    |    Melbourne, Australia 

The time working with Claire has challenged me mentally and has helped me to think about what I want in life. I feel a lot calmer and more focussed on what makes me happy. I first met Claire as my yoga instructor and I instantly warmed to her and always looked forward to her classes. When I discovered she was also a coach I realised I could not find a better person to guide me through this journey. With the tools Claire has armed me with I feel more confident in achieving the goals I have set for myself for the forthcoming year. This year is the year of 'I will!'

 Kay    |     Melbourne, Australia 

"Meeting Clare every two weeks to discuss my progress has been so motivating and to have her to check-in with in such a supportive, caring and non judgemental way has really been priceless. Claire has helped keep me on track with my actions and what I set out to achieve and discover about myself. After the coaching program I now have a strong sense of what I want for my life; I have the tools, motivation, determination and plan to get me there - the past months have been a fantastic experience and personal journey and I am so grateful and thankful to Claire for helping me achieve all this."

Melissa    |    Melbourne, Australia 

"Claire's coaching has been a true blessing. I felt so comfortable telling her about the things I wanted to work on and improve and not at all judged just totally heard. Claire is so understanding and really supportive, I felt totally guided and in safe hands!
I have learnt so much from Claire, all which you can really apply to your life and see results! The level of care and wisdom Claire gave in each session was really useful for everyday life but also deeply healing. I am honestly so grateful for your gift of coaching , it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, thank you Claire"

Ann-Clare    |    Valencia, Spain

"I have just completed a six month period of life coaching with Claire, and just about to sign up for another six month session! Our sessions have been a wonderful gift over the last six months, of giving me time to think about things, reflect, all the while being guided and advised by a warm, empathetic and knowledgeable life coach. There has been a certain fluidity about the sessions that has allowed further exploration of issues than might otherwise have occurred. I thoroughly recommend her!"


"Claire helped me so much when going through a tough time in life. A relationship ended, I was looking for a career change and a new flat! Big stresses all round. Probably I am most grateful to her for being an ear for the things I was thinking and feeling at the time. She listened without judgement and offered really helpful tips to work with my mind rather than against! I’m in a much better place now, new gorgeous flat, and have opened a new yoga studio with a boyfriend can wait. I fully recommend Claire as a holistic life coach to help make those alignments in life."

lucy    |    London, UK

"Claire is warm, approachable and nurturing. Claire really helped me to examine the barriers to achieving my goals and enabled me to come up with some quick wins and longer term strategies to overcome these challenges. I found her professional, knowledgeable and I appreciate her holistic approach."


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