The intimate coaching experience where you're truly seen & heard and invited to explore new depths of yourself in a supportive and accountable environment

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Private Coaching

Be the 'conscious leader' of your life

By becoming....


An intimate coaching program for the curious & awakening

This is a transformational 6 month coaching experience for people who deeply desire to lead themselves with a full heart in all aspects of life - as a business owner, employee, parent, partner & friend 

You know that there is something more for you in this lifetime & you're ready to go all in and discover what it is.

But maybe there's something that's been holding you back & you're unable to pinpoint exactly what that is & you need support to uncover and move past it.

Either way, in this powerful container, we'll work together to unlock what's keeping you from stepping into the life that's calling to you.  I'll support you to re-program your limiting stories using transformative coaching, & I'll offer you practical tools to work with body, mind and spirit.

In our coaching sessions I utilise poignant questions that will help you to uncover new insights and discoveries, so that not only can you see yourself clearly, but you'll also have the resources to step into living a life from deeper authenticity, inner power & purpose

Calling the leaders, the creatives and big hearted folk...

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The world is calling out for big hearted leaders like you.
It would be an honour to support you to get there

BUT.... this program is not for everyone 

This coaching program is for you if any of the following is true:

- You've completed my coaching program 'Live with Intention & Purpose' 
- You're open and curious in your thinking
- You’re at a point in your life where you’re ready to go deeper
- You practice yoga/meditation 
- You value your health and wellbeing


I have just completed a six month period of life coaching with Claire, and just about to sign up for another six month session! Our sessions have been a wonderful gift over the last six months, of giving me time to think about things, reflect, all the while being guided and advised by a warm, empathetic and knowledgeable life coach. There has been a certain fluidity about the sessions that has allowed further exploration of issues than might otherwise have occurred.
I thoroughly recommend her! 


The essence of this coaching program is about....

Autopilot living & going through the motions
Stressful days
Going to bed exhausted & unfulfilled

Sunday night dread & Monday morning blues
Only expressing 10% of you in your daily life 
A busy monkey mind that stops you from fulfilling your dreams

Anxiety & restlessness

Full of busy work 
Fear, doubt, procrastination
Wishing away life

Living with intention and purpose
Calm & easeful productivity 
Going to bed with a fulfilled smile on your face 

Relaxed Sunday's & excited Monday's
Expressing your full self on the daily
A calm mind that supports you in moving forward

Considered responses
Inner peace and groundedness
Moving forward with intention

Doing your life’s work
Courage, trust & taking action
Enjoying your days

moving from here......

to here......

Are you ready to say a big 'yes' to you, to your dreams, to the life you know is calling you?

'Claire helped me so much when going through a tough time in life. A relationship ended, I was looking for a career change and a new flat! Big stresses all round. Probably I am most grateful to her for being an ear for the things I was thinking and feeling at the time. She listened without judgement and offered really helpful tips to work with my mind rather than against! I’m in a much better place now, new gorgeous flat, and have opened a new yoga studio with a boyfriend can wait. I fully recommend Claire as a holistic life coach to help make those alignments in life'.

lucy  |  London, UK

About the program

This premium & intimate program will support you to step into the driver's seat of your life.  Our work together will initially revolve around connecting in deeper with your personal vision and dreams and what it is that you most desire.

We'll then discover and bust through what's in the way of feeling the way you want to feel & what you'd like to create. The ultimate aim will be to bring more of the 'real' you out into the world.

I'll use a combination of transformative coaching skills, ancient philosophical wisdom and embodiment principles to help you uncover, explore and build greater self awareness and connection. We'll uncover your passions, skills, values & strengths and I'll provide you with the tools and know-how to bring the whole of you into your life, businesses and relationships.  

* Please note that this is not a cookie cutter program. It will be tailored to you and to your specific needs & requirements

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The  Three powerful
areas we can Explore together...


Mindset has a huge impact on how we feel and how we show up & take action in the world. It can be the make or break as to whether we bring our visions into existence.

Popular areas we can cover are:

-Befriending the inner critic
-Overcoming procrastination
-Moving past perfectionism
-Taking action in spite of fear
-Busting through limiting beliefs


Creating space in our minds & being more present in our  relationships has been scientifically proven to be good for our health - reducing stress, increasing immune function, increasing clarity in thinking & reducing anxiety levels.

It can also help us to find more enjoyment from life. Supporting us to build resilience and increase our ability to better handle everyday life challenges with ease.

Having a deeper level of purpose and meaning in our days, in work & in relationships has been proven to have a positive impact on wellbeing and overall fulfilment.

From my work with clients I've found that it involves a combination of self discovery, visualisation & heart based enquiry, combined with structured exercises and guidance to gain these deeper levels of clarity and direction.  

'Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it'

maya angelou

The full coaching program is 6 months to go deep into the above 3 areas (should you require less time then contact me directly)


- Intention setting workbook

- 1 x90 min & 11 x60 min private coaching sessions online via Zoom

- Follow up notes and actions vis email

- A week by week intention setting & reflection workbook

- Access to resources and tools to facilitate deeper learning and growth

The finer details

here's to the evolution of you

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The you that is confident, courageous & empowered
The you that knows unequivocally your own worth and value in the world
The you that has your own back and commits to your own evolvement
The you that knows where you're headed & why
The you that's full of aliveness and presence
The you that leads with her heart & full knowing

AND That 'you' is waiting for you to say 'yes I'm ready...'

To get started, just click the button below to book a free discovery session & see if we're a good match

“If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be” 

maya angelou

"I’d come to a point in my life where, whilst I had a full and wonderful life, I felt like I was stagnant. I didn’t have any plans or goals for the future and I really didn’t seem to be able to work these out on my own. Working with Claire has been truly amazing. Claire has helped me achieve and realise things I never would have on my own. Having someone to talk to and discuss my hopes and dreams, my fears and anxieties and to help me work out what’s important to me has been liberating. It enabled me to take time for reflection on my own life, realise things about myself, my own situation and what I wanted to achieve for myself, I realise I’d never really put that much time into ‘me’ before."

Melissa    |    Melbourne, Australia 

Can I do the program if I live outside of Australia?

Yes! All of my coaching sessions are conducted online via Zoom, so you can live anywhere in the world. I've worked with clients all over Europe and the US

still got questions?

"Becoming aware of things you hadn't even realised about yourself, your habits and your environment can help create big shifts in your thinking and help you to create and stick to new habits. Claire has really helped me to do that and moving forward I feel like I have the right tools to keep doing this on my own. Thank you Claire, I look forward to working with you again in the future."

TAMARA    |    Melbourne, Australia 

"Claire is warm, approachable and nurturing. Claire really helped me to examine the barriers to achieving my goals and enabled me to come up with some quick wins and longer term strategies to overcome these challenges. I found her professional, knowledgeable and I appreciate her holistic approach."


"During the whole coaching program, Claire held space in a way that I could feel safe, loved, heard and seen, so I could talk openly and explore and be curious about the process. I felt like I was leading my journey and making decisions and new choices naturally. Her guidance and powerful knowledge during the coaching program helped me to bloom and gave me my power back."


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step deeply into your power, passion and purposeful life

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