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You know that your soul clients are out there looking for you, but right now showing up in the online space can feel, well, a little overwhelming...
And instead of attracting those dream clients who want & love to pay you - you find yourself:

  • Trying to keep up with the constant algorithm changes so you have a chance of getting in front of your dream clients
  • Attracting the "wrong" type of clients ~ you know those soul sucking energy feels...
  • Working LONG hours, but still not hitting your income targets

It feels like you're forever spinning your wheels but not actually moving your business forward

Does this feel true for you..?

The reality though is that there's never been a better time to market your business online

There are opportunities everywhere - but first, you need to step into & own your greatness, get crystal clear on who you’re serving & create epic content with a rock solid strategy for growth.

Let me show you what to implement in your business to attract the soul clients and cash you really want.


Book Up Your Wellness Business:


Yes this is possible for you!

The 3 Keys to Create More Soul Clients & Conscious Cash

I was feeling overwhelmed, not only in my naturopathic business, but in myself too. I really needed some direction of what steps I should take to create the business that I wanted for myself. I learned so much about mindset and as a result I've set up some really achievable short-term goals in order to reach my long-term dream. I now feel confident and grounded in moving forward! Thanks Claire.


In this 75 min live FREE masterclass, I take you through the 3 keys that, once implemented and consistently applied, will help you to attract more soul clients and generate conscious cash.

I’ll teach you strategies that I’ve learned from 5+ years working as a wellness coach in the online space combined with 10+ years working in corporate marketing for international brands.

No ‘bro marketing’ tactics here. And it’s certainly not full of hacks

This is about relationship building, service, conscious marketing and connection 

Sustainable business all the way!


What you can expect from this masterclass:

  • 3 keys to create more soul clients and conscious cash flow in your business
  • The key watch outs that many wellness entrepreneurs get stuck in during the first 1-3 years of business (so that you don’t have to!)
  • A magical mindset tool that will help you for many years to come

SHARON  |  Yoga entrepreneur, Melbourne

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me reach this place where I can begin to realise and create in the world what I have dreamt and visioned in my own mind … I had no idea that this business coaching experience would be such a satisfying and joyful professional, personal and spiritual journey!!"


"I have so much gratitude for the time I’ve had with Claire and the beautiful, creative & talented Coach that she is. I knew I needed support to get out of “the weeds”.  We focussed on my time (a big issue) & boundaries with my personal life / family commitments & worked through a lot of limiting belief stuff that I thought I’d already worked through!  So for me it’s been much more than just business coaching.
I now have a number of anchor points for when I feel untethered and I feel so much more in flow generally"

KERRY  |  yoga retreat facilitator & entrepreneur, PERTH

Working with Claire on the foundations of my business was a game changer.  She helped me to stay focused, get clear on direction and stay committed to the one thing. It was really challenging for me to invest time and money in a biz coach but I am so glad I did! Claire helped me to get where I was going much quicker than I would have on my own. 

GABBY  |  naturopath, Melbourne

Claire was able to listen to my concerns and provide tangible solutions to overcome the “analysis paralysis”. As a result I feel like I’m able to be more conscious of my thoughts and behaviours as they happen, so I can actively tune into what I need in the moment and make more aligned decisions, and I know this will serve me both professionally and personally in the long run. Thanks Claire!"

caREL  | mindset coach, TAIWAN

When you value your time and know you have what it takes to get to the next level in your business and the roadblocks preventing you from getting there, hire Claire because she can get you there in the least amount of time. 

ebony  |  naturopath, melbourne

I learned so much about mindset and as a result I've set up some really achievable short-term goals in order to reach my long-term dream. I now feel confident and grounded in moving forward! Thanks Claire

MELISSA  | wellness coach,  GOLD COAST

I now have clarity and confidence around languaging my business and connecting to clients. I recommend every Soul-led business connect with Claire to support you in moving forward.

LI MEI  | yoga therapist, CANADA

Before working with Claire I was feeling undervalued and overwhelmed; what I loved about our time together was how empowered and supported I felt. As result I now feel unlocked and clear in my vision 

Claire’s holistic approach is woven throughout her way of working, which I really appreciated, and her use of analogy supported deep understanding of the material & business concepts


  • Online wellness business owners & entrepreneurs (Health coaches, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Healers, Yoga Therapists/Teachers)
  • You’re in the first 1-3 years of business
  • You’re ready to step up, stand out and do what it takes to up-level your business, create greater impact, & attract more income ~ the conscious & intentional way

Who this is for:  

Who this is not for:  

  • You’re currently studying or you’ve just completed your qualification & you’re unsure of who you want to serve
  • You don't want to build a thriving online business, and put the work in to bring it to life
  • You’re happy to stay as an employee and keep your online business as a hobby

Why learn from me.....?

You’ve got a message to share. You know that you can help people with your skills/knowledge and know-how. You deeply desire to create and build a sustainable business that gives you the freedom you desire, deeply nourishes your clients & creates a positive ripple effect. 
And I want to help you do just that.

  • I've completed 100's of hours successfully coaching personal and business clients, both 1:1 & groups
  • I worked 10+ years in brand marketing for multinational companies across the UK & Australia. Brands like Disney, Bacardi, Gu puds
  • I've been running my own on & offline holistic health & life coaching business for the past 5 years and I love it!
  • I've invested over $60k in my own professional training & development.  I studied Holistic Health Coaching with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, studied professional coaching at Australasia's top life coaching school, The Coaching Institute, plus multiple top business mastermind's for small business owners  
  • I have a BSc honours in Business Marketing from Cardiff University

I live and breathe health & wellness, in fact brussel sprouts was one of my first food loves!   I have a deep passion for  energetics & spirituality and weave all of this through my work with clients. I also love personal growth. I have a huge bag of tools to support my clients to bust through mindset blocks & achieve their goals and biz ambitions

I am then able to combine all of this goodness with my 10+ years working in corporate marketing. Basically I know how to support you in all the ways! 

I'm a fledgling yoga teacher only 6 months into starting my own one-woman show, and Claire's 5-Day Soul-Led Course came right when I needed it. I had become bogged down in the admin, finances, and marketing of my business (the how) and felt that something was "off-balance", but I couldn't figure it out. Claire was able to help me connect back to my values and mission, and the reason behind starting my business (my why). She provided an encouraging and supportive space for those in our group by having a clear goal for us to achieve each day, using her own experience and elements of her business model to help us understand the obstacles before us (so often of our own making) and to feel empowered so we are accountable for our words and actions, or procrastination! Claire is like a friend who knows what's good for you, so she gently prods you into commitment and action whilst cheering on your heartfelt efforts. I have much gratitude for what I have learned from Claire, in particular the clarity and motivation I have to evolve my business and teachings. Thank you, Claire!



Can't wait to get started? Let's do this & move you forward!


Can't wait to get started? Let's do this & move you forward!


Can't wait to get started? Let's do this & move you forward!

If this sounds like you, & you're ready to commit to yourself & your biz

Then let's do this!