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WHEN: Tue 14-Thurs 16th March @9am AEDT (60mins)

WHERE: Online Zoom 


And you’re raring to go & build your 6 figure online business. One that serves your ideal soul clients to live holistically healthy lives AND to create a freedom lifestyle for YOU

You’re a passionate & driven holistic wellness coach or practitioner (& budding online entrepreneur) 

THE THING IS, after the initial excitement of registering your business, creating an instagram account, maybe even creating a website and a lead magnet…

You then heard crickets, nada, from potential clients...  

You thought that a few canva posts & reels on social media would result in dream clients finding you online, book in and you’d have this amazingly successful business from the get go…

It’s not surprising that you're now feeling deflated and stuck, because all of that work has amounted to very little return...

TRUTHBOMB - sorry to break it to you, but it doesn’t work like that - particularly in 2023

What DOES work, is having a step by step system, a proven strategy + the right support at the start of your online wellness biz journey.

Support from someone who has been where you are and who knows what it really takes to build a successful soul-led wellness business.

This free 3 day challenge will take you through the exact steps that I use in my business and support my clients with to build their wellness businesses online that are intentional, abundant & sustainable.

A business that is here for the long term, that supports you financially, supports your lifestyle AND gives back to your community.


 to consciously create $5k months in your soul-led wellness biz

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If this is you, then I’d love you to join us!


Tue 14th - Thurs 16th March @9-10am AEDT 

(Something I know to be true, is that we always get the best results when we show up live & commit fully. However, if you're committed, but can't make the live, then a recording will be available to delve into for a limited time)

I was feeling overwhelmed, not only in my naturopathic business, but in myself too. I really needed some direction of what steps I should take to create the business that I wanted for myself. I learned so much about mindset and as a result I've set up some really achievable short-term goals in order to reach my long-term dream. I now feel confident and grounded in moving forward! Thanks Claire.


Why learn from me.....?

You’ve got a message to share. You know that you can help people with your skills/knowledge and know-how. You deeply desire to create and build a sustainable business that gives you the freedom you desire, deeply nourishes your clients & creates a positive ripple effect. 
And I want to help you do just that.

  • I've completed 100's of hours successfully coaching both personal and business clients, 1:1 & groups
  • I've had 10+ years working in brand marketing in multinational companies across the UK & Australia. Brands like Disney, Bacardi, Gu puds
  • I've been running my own on & offline coaching business for the past 6 years
  • I've invested thousands of dollars in my own professional training & development. 
  • I’m certified as an integrated holistic health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York
  • I’m trained as a professional business coach with Australasia's top life coaching school, The Coaching Institute.  
  • Plus I’ve completed multiple top business mastermind's for small business owners  
  • I have a BSc honours in Business Marketing

I’m an ex-corporate marketer of 10+ years, turned holistic coach and business mentor.  

For 5 years I ran my own online holistic coaching business, working with clients globally supporting them with overcoming burnout. 

And for the past few years I have been supporting early and mid stage wellness entrepreneurs to create and grow their sustainable businesses online.

Sign me up. I'm in!

I also felt all of these things and more….

That was until I started to invest in my own personal and business growth and learn from people who were further along the journey than me.

I realised that I couldn't do it on my own and neither did I have to!

Over 5 years I ran my purposeful soul-led business (albeit stop and start for the first few years as I struggled alone) that combined my passions, skills and strengths, to serve hundreds of clients to overcome patterns of burnout, overwork and stress and move towards living with intention and purpose. I utilised my training in health & life coaching, in mindset, mind-body connection, yoga spirituality & scientifically proven coaching methodologies to support them.

In the process of building my business I learned a lot about what it takes.

I've also experienced first-hand all the ways we can get stuck & methods and tools to help move through the fears & take action

Over the past few years I have been supporting early & mid stage wellness entrepreneurs in how to create and grow their intentional and sustainable online businesses to 6 figures & beyond, that aligns with who they are and their lifestyle goals
I love to teach and coach on not only the important foundational business steps to build a service based business, but also the key mindset pieces - moving through the fear, procrastination, perfectionism, self sabotage that trip us up along the way and can keep us stuck…


Because from a solid foundation the most beautiful things can grow & flourish

And I want you to know that you’re not alone

Claire is an amazing life & business coach! Claire's 5 day challenge really opened my eyes to things that were blocking me in going forward with my journey/business as a new yoga teacher. Claire is down to earth and full of knowledge and experience which made the whole process feel so enjoyable & effortless. I learnt plenty of business and mindset tools within a short period of time - highly recommend to anyone feeling stuck in their business and ready for a nudge in the right direction. Thanks Claire


What you can expect from this challenge:

  • You’ll have learnt the 3 key steps to $5k months and create the initial foundations of your sustainable business
  • You'll have learnt the key mindset success principles that will support you to build momentum in these initial stages of biz 
  • You'll have a greater level of business clarity and direction 

So if this is you right now?

  • You feel overwhelmed and like you’ve been spinning your wheels for months (& you're ready to shift this)
  • You’re unsure of what steps to take & in what order (& you just need a step by step proven plan)
  • You have a deep desire to make a positive difference in the world & be well rewarded for it
  • You're ready to knuckle down, commit & take aligned action

Then you must join us 

Sign me up. I'm in!

I'm a fledgling yoga teacher only 6 months into starting my own one-woman show, and Claire's 5-Day Soul-Led Course came right when I needed it. I had become bogged down in the admin, finances, and marketing of my business (the how) and felt that something was "off-balance", but I couldn't figure it out. Claire was able to help me connect back to my values and mission, and the reason behind starting my business (my why). She provided an encouraging and supportive space for those in our group by having a clear goal for us to achieve each day, using her own experience and elements of her business model to help us understand the obstacles before us (so often of our own making) and to feel empowered so we are accountable for our words and actions, or procrastination! Claire is like a friend who knows what's good for you, so she gently prods you into commitment and action whilst cheering on your heartfelt efforts. I have much gratitude for what I have learned from Claire, in particular the clarity and motivation I have to evolve my business and teachings. Thank you, Claire!


If this sounds like you, & you're ready to commit to yourself & build momentum in your biz

Then let's do this!