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In March I went on a 10 day silent vipassana meditation retreat in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney. It was all sorts of challenging intermingled with peace & quiet and incredible realisations.

After 100 hours of meditation; no talking, no eye contact, 2 meals a day and being awoken by a bell each day at 4am & no access to music, books, phones. I’ve got a bit to say about the experience! I talk about what I learnt and how the teachings apply to all of us and can really help in navigating this life for more health, peace and happiness.

Because after-all, happiness is an inside job.

There’s a beautiful quote by Pema Chodron that says ‘You are the sky and everything else is just the weather’. To sit and realise that we create our reality by the way we respond and react to life is both humbling and empowering. But it’s difficult to understand this logically with the mind, it needs to be a felt and visceral experience.

In this episode I intermingle the story of my experience with some real life day to day examples to help illustrate the learnings, mixed with some tips on how you can begin to experience some of this in your own life too.

I hope that you enjoy the episode.

Ep #34 – Wisdom from a 10 day silent meditation retreat w/ Claire Bradshaw


This is such a great informative episode packed full of value and guidance from a fellow coach and friend, Christina Tidwell RN, MN, NC-BC If you have an autoimmune disease, know someone who does or if you have felt unwell and have found no solution to your feelings of ill-health, then this episode is for […]

Ep #33 – Finding peace with auto-immune disease w/ Christina Tidwell

For many of us, 2018 was a hugely transformative year. Personally I encountered many challenges. Actively and consciously I chose to interrupt patterns in my life that had been repeating and were no longer serving me. And in doing so I unravelled that bit more.

In this podcast I reflect on the big learnings that I took from the year, in the hope that this helps you in some way.

My big ‘why’ I run this podcast is that I know what’s personal is universal.

I know that what I experience is something that many other people are experiencing and I know that by sharing how I’m feeling that this helps others to heal and feel less alone. We’re all in this thing called ‘life’, together and as we evolve we can inspire others.

I do hope that you enjoy this episode. Let me know in the comments if any of these things resonate with you too.

Ep #32 – My 12 learnings from 2018 w/ Claire Bradshaw


I’m sure you are going to love this interview with Irene who speaks with a beautiful and balanced voice for both Western science and Eastern wisdom. Irene Ais has spent the last decade helping people thrive. Having explored Yoga and Meditation for over half her life, she takes her students on a journey to discover […]

Ep #31 – Empower yourself w/Irene Ais


In this episode I speak with the beautiful Melissa Sandon, founder of Soul Medicine Academy, creator of Soul Leader School, the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification and the Soul Centre Healing Model.

Melissa guides women to awaken their soul gifts, activate their power and fulfil the greater legacy of their soul. She supports her students to do this through the erotic arts of light and dark work, anchoring energy on the earth, embodying our desires, & channelling the high light and erupting the riches that exist within us.

This was a deep conversation where Melissa shared her journey to uncover her gifts after recovering from burnout in a corporate career.

In this episode you will learn:

  • About what the dark night of the soul is and suggestions on how to move through it
  • The importance of support, community and a soul crew as you delve deep
  • How feeling bodily sensations and being curious about them can help us to connect & heal
  • What embodiment is and how to access it.

I’m sure you are going to love this episode!

To connect with Melissa head to:

  • Instagram: @melissasandon and @soulmedicineacademy
  • Facebook:
  • Website:

And to find out more about her Soul Medicine Academy go to:

Ep #30 – Delving deep into the soul w/Melissa Sandon


We’ve all felt that feeling on the lead up to Christmas, a calendar chock full of appointments,  meetings and social occasions. Everyone seems to want a piece of you and it can feel quite overwhelming and exhausting.  And the last thing you want is to have your holiday to be full of either more of […]

Ep #29 – How to stay sane and overwhelm free over the Christmas season w/Claire Bradshaw


Lindsay Mack is an intuitive tarot reader, teacher, writer, and the founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul.

She is the creator of Soul Tarot, a way of interpreting and intentionally utilising it as a tool for our soul’s growth and evolution. This is a fusion of Lindsay’s 22 years of experience reading and studying Tarot, her work with her mentor, her own healing journey through complex PTSD, and channelled wisdom from her Guides. Through her regularly sold out workshops, retreats and online courses, Lindsay has had the profound honour of teaching it to thousands of people from all around the world.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How tarot is a map for the human experience
  • Why we would use it and how it can help us as we navigate life
  • The evolutionary tension that we all experience between the ego and the soul & how the tarot can deepen our connection to soul
  • How it can be our medicine , our anchor through the dark times
  • How it has helped Lindsay in her life in dealing with trauma and PTSD and building trust in life

To connect with Lindsay:

Ep #28 – Tarot for the wild soul w/Lindsay Mack

As the year comes to a close, life can become even more full and exhausting.  With social engagements, work deadlines, family gatherings, the list goes on……Meditation at this time of year can be just what you need But it doesn’t have to be exhausting, there are things we can do to nourish our body and […]

Ep #27 – Take a bath for the mind w/ Claire Bradshaw


This week I bring my husband, Tom on to the show.  He had a profound realisation while we were in Koh Phangnan in Thailand and I know that this is something that so many of us are working with at the moment – how to take action and not burn ourselves out.   

Tom Gerrard is a go getter, he gets stuff done. He’s an international artist, and has exhibited in commercial and institutional galleries all over the world.  He also has his own podcast, Benchtalk where he interviews artists worldwide in how to make a full time living from their passion and talent.  

Tom has a great message to share in this amusing story. I have personally seen such a huge shift in his energy and his approach since this realisation.  I have found from working with clients and continually working on myself, that when we are gifted these difficult and challenging experiences, it’s then always our responsibility to take the lesson and learning and see how we and grow from it.  

I’ve found time and time again that if we build the awareness within ourselves, by slowing down, reflecting and creating some space, then we can begin to find the peace within. From this place we can create a life that flows more easily.  Where we’re not trying to push and force and strive.   It’s not something that happens overnight, but something we can continually work on over time. 

Small things done consistently, create big results in our lives.

Connect with Tom:

Instagram: @tom_gerrard_


Ep #26 – The freedom of releasing resistance w/ Tom Gerrard

In this episode I speak with Josje Leyten, a New Zealand born visual artist, creative, storyteller and sailor.  She has an incredible story that’s involved following her intuition at a young age and and has led to her heading on incredible adventures across the world. After having sailed over 40,000 nautical miles across multiple oceans, […]

Ep #25 – Going with the flow w/ Josje Leyten

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